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2019-02-02Buckle in! Winter's Coming!
2018-02-02No Shadows Here
2017-02-02Groundhog Day 2017
2016-02-02Winter Storms
2015-02-02Groundhog Day 2015
2014-04-20History of the Aurora Fox Theater
2014-04-18The Grand Prize
2014-04-16Was your quest a success?
2014-04-10Spamalot on the Rocks
2007-07-24The Vandiver Mystery
2007-05-20The Colorado Convention Center
2007-07-30Olentangy Indian Caverns
2005-06-28Slaughter Canyon Cave
2007-07-24Sandstone Cliffs of Indiana and the Hike from Hell
2008-02-24Is That For Sale?
2007-07-22Langdon's Cave
2007-09-23The Columbine Memorial
2005-06-29Austin Bat Flight
2010-01-31Prairie Dog Day Celebration
2019-02-02Buckle in! Winter's Coming!

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