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The First Big Trip
by Stormy on August 13, 2001

Eating Over The Sink

My first big trip came just a day after I left the mountains. My friends were meeting an old naval buddy, Roger, who was 'blowing' through town (although I didn't notice a significant change in the weather). Roger came with his girlfriend, Melody. We met them at 'The Sink' in Boulder, which is supposed to be a 'hole in the wall'. I figured that was something like a burrow. The Sink is a restaurant, which is a place where they serve food for people to eat. The food they made here was pizza, which is a bread crust with bits of plants and animals baked on it, and burgers, which are two bread crusts with an animal baked between them. Yuk! Roger now lives in Texas, where he is a police officer. That's really cool, because he gets to go around and help people. But Roger's a trouble maker, too. After he finished eating, he got a marker from the waitress and put graffiti on the ceiling. After dinner we went around the University of Colorado and we took pictures in various places. We met a nice lady police officer who agreed to pose for a picture with me, so long as she didn't appear in the newspaper.

Roger writing on the ceiling.
(taken by Max on August 13, 2001)
Stormy exploring the solar system at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
(taken by Max on August 13, 2001)
Stormy with a friendly officer from the University of Colorado Police Department.
(taken by Max on August 13, 2001)

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