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The Colorado State Capitol
by Stormy on August 14, 2001

There turns out to be some mystique to making rules a mile above sea level!

After seeing President Bush, I decided to take a peek at how the government worked down here. Up the mountains marmots all did their own thing. For the most part this works pretty well. You grow up, you find a rock ledge that no other marmot is using, dig it up, make a home and move in. Really, it's pretty easy being a marmot out in the wild. It turns out, though, that people have other people to tell them what they need to do and how to live. That doesn't seem to bother too many folks. I guess life is easy when someone makes all the decisions for you. And if you don't like who's making the decisions, every now and again you just throw them out and get someone new to decide what you need to do. So after I saw President Bush, I stopped by the Colorado State Capitol to see where the people who make decisions live. I was corrected that they just make the decisions at the State Capitol and live somewhere else. I don't understand why people can't make decisions at home. I got to wander around the Capitol and see where people work and the desks they sit at. There are a lot of really old things in the Capitol and some really old people, too. It turns out that the Capitol building is one mile above sea level. This turns out to be an arbitrary measurement that is equivalent to 5280 feet. A foot is arbitrary, too. It's based on the foot of a long dead person who used to make decisions. I guess he measured a lot of stuff with his feet, too. I learned that living in Denver was a pretty cool thing. Denver is known as "the Mile High" city because some arbitrary measurement places it a mile above sea level. I hope that some day I get to go to sea level and figure out what all the excitement is about.

Stormy peering over the edge at the Colorado State Capitol,
(taken by Jennifer on August 14, 2001)
Denver is one mile above sea level. But you can't see the sea from here.
(taken by Max on August 14, 2001)
Stormy, perched atop the well worn "Mile High" survey marker.
(taken by Max on August 14, 2001)
Stormy examines the Civil War era cannon in front of the Colorado State Capitol.
(taken by Jennifer on August 14, 2001)

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