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Her Majesty, the Queen
by Stormy on August 15, 2001

It takes connections to hang out with presidents and royalty.

Tonight I got to travel to Boulder to see Queen Margaret. She was in Boulder with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. I thought that she'd talk to me or at least wave like President Bush had, but instead she spent her time scheming against English nobles and taking advantage of King Henry. It was very sad because everyone kept dying. I sat in the front row and the nobles kept looking at me. After Queen Margaret killed everyone and was imprisoned by King Richard, I wanted to try out the King's throne, but a mean guard said I couldn't. I'm not just any rodent, you know! Before the show I got the visit some of the more famous sites at the University of Colorado. I checked out the buffalo at Folsom Field and climbed on the sundial at Norlin Library and poked my nose into Old Main. I really enjoy sight seeing!

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