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A Day with the Broncos
by Stormy on August 18, 2001

Sporting events are a major part of today's lifestyles.

Today we went looking for Broncos (whatever those are -- I never saw any in the mountains) at Invesco Field at Mile High. The human folks I was with were excited to visit their new stadium. It was rather loud and there was lots of blue everywhere. The seats were comfy enough for me, but the humans were all cramped up. As it turned out, the Broncos are a bunch of sports players, similar to the ones we saw a couple of days ago at Coors Field, except they are overweight and play football where they chase a marmot-shaped ball around (eeek!). It was a nice place and I hope to make it back some day, so long as they don't toss me. I'm told that the ball is actually made from a pig, which is an animal I don't know.

The Denver Broncos are a football team. Their mascot is a big mean looking horse.
(taken by Max on August 18, 2001)

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