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A Visit to Red Rocks
by Stormy on August 22, 2001

Magnificent red sandstone walls rise high above the eastern plains and surround one of nature's best theaters.

Finally, a place in the mountains with lots of rocks where I could stretch out and sun myself! It's almost like a visit home! Red Rocks is a large amphitheater on the side of a mountain. It faces east from the Front Range Foothills and gives a great view of Denver and the surrounding communities. The view is nothing short of beautiful! We watched "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". It was a very strange movie about a bunch of men who like to dress like women (well, I think dressing is strange to start with!) and sing (or rather mouth words to music). As for myself, I liked the sunning part and when it got cold, I climbed back in my pack where it was very warm.

Stormy poses at the top of the Red Rocks amphitheater with the stage far below him.
(taken by Max on August 22, 2001)

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