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A Visit to the Zoo
by Stormy on August 25, 2001

When I moved to the city, I got to live in the house, but it turns out that most animals who come to the city from the wilderness end up living in a zoo.

Today was a big party at the zoo. Amigo, the baby elephant, turned three years old and there was a huge birthday party for him. It turns out that elephants are pretty popular around here! Elephants belong to a group of animals known as pachyderms, so with all the festivities, I spent a lot of time in the pachyderm section of the zoo. Animals are fun. They're very different from people. Some are lazy, some are curious, some are just mean. I wanted to squeeze into a few cages to interview some of the animals, but as it turned out, there's a rule about outside animals going in the cages! I guess the zookeepers didn't want me to tell any of their animals about living in a house instead.

The Denver Zoo bug is painted with all sorts of different animals. That's Amigo the baby elephant on the door.
(taken by Max on August 25, 2001)
That's a hippopotamus. He's a pachyderm. A hippo a short nosed elephant that lives in the water.
(taken by Max on August 25, 2001)
The black rhinoceros wants nothing to do with Stormy!
(taken by Max on August 25, 2001)
Did you know warthogs are afraid of marmots?
(taken by Max on August 25, 2001)

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