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Star*Con 2001
by Stormy on September 01, 2001

Science-fiction conventions! Now there's something that you don't see marmots attending. Except for me, that is.

These humans! Not sure if I should be hanging out with them or not. This convention thing that we did over the weekend sure was weird. I can't even begin to tell you how many strange things and creatures I've seen. Many of the creatures posed with me for pictures and while most were nice, a few weren't so friendly. I believe I've been attacked both by Borg and Storm Troopers. I've also gotten to meet a few more folks from various ships from around STARFLEET. Some of these people are very friendly. However, I didn't feel too comfy with all the Klingons. One kept calling me a beaver and several were trying to come up with new ways to eat me. Going around and collecting colored convention stamps was rather fun, too. They were found in dark rooms, at an art show and in the big rooms where people sold lots of things. I glanced around but didn't see anything I absolutely had to have. I also saw a few movie and television actors get up on stage and talk and answer lots of silly questions that people would ask them. I even managed to get a few pictures with them! While hanging out this weekend I made some new friends. There was a little girl that played with me a lot. She's very cute, but she kept squeezing me! All in all I'd have to say it was a very strange weekend. But I am looking forward to attending a few more of these events. It will be very interesting to see how much stranger all these 'humans' can be!

Stormy checked in at Star*Con 2001.
(taken by Max on September 01, 2001)
A friendly android gave Stormy a hug in the corridor.
(taken by Max on September 01, 2001)
Then Stormy was quickly picked up by Boba Fett.
(taken by Max on September 01, 2001)
Stormy thought the storm trooper was rescuing him but...
(taken by Max on September 01, 2001)
...but it was all a ruse!
(taken by Max on September 01, 2001)
Stormy was turned over to the Psi Corps and thrown in jail.
(taken by Max on September 01, 2001)
Amazingly, Stormy was bailed out by the Borg...
(taken by Max on September 01, 2001)
...and sold to a Roman general (who was short on furs!)
(taken by Max on September 01, 2001)
To wrap up the convention, Stormy got to chat with Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea.
(taken by Max on September 01, 2001)

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