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A Week with the Chadwicks, part 1
by Stormy on September 03, 2001

Finally, a big road trip outside the confines of Colorado! It's Stormy's first view of the rest of the world.

I left Colorado today in the company of El Jefe (Dave) and his woman (Kim) on our way to the west coast. It's supposed to be far west of here, past a whole bunch of mountains and up against the Pacific Ocean, which everyone told me tends not to be very pacific. This is also that fables "sea level" thing I keep hearing about. Apparently we're going to travel in a car for two days to a city called Seattle. The El Jefe's Woman is going to study there for four years so she can become Doctor Chadwick. I still don't understand the fascination these humans have with titles. Anyway, it should be a fun trip and Dave and Kim have promised to take pictures of me. We stopped today in Idaho to get dinner at something called "A&W Dinner". I got to try draft root beer and got my picture taken with the draft tap and on the old fashioned jukebox. Except for El Jefe being sunburned burned, this hasn't been too bad of a drive. I told El Jefe that if he had hair, he would never have gotten burned. I wish I didn't have to spend so much time in the backpack, but there's no room left in the car anywhere else.

Stormy on an old A&W jukebox.
(taken by Kim on September 03, 2001)
Stormy waiting for his root beer.
(taken by Kim on September 03, 2001)

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