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A Week with the Chadwicks, part 2
by Stormy on September 04, 2001

Stormy's quick look at Seattle doesn't have a lot of Seattle to be seen.

Today is the last part of my journey to Seattle. I passed through Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Oregon on my way to Washington. We stopped along the way in Oregon and I got to check out a scenic overlook. As far as I could tell, there wasn't much to see, but I did get to pose for pictures again. I really wanted to keep going north to Canada, but Kim and Dave didn't have the time. Seattle is nice, with lots of big mountains on the horizon that I bet would be fun to sun on. Kim also has a nice burrow right next to an "airport" (that has something to do with humans flying -- wouldn't that be a funny site?) I'll be heading back to Colorado soon with El Jefe. I'm really looking forward to coming out here again sometime and seeing things like the Space Needle and Mount Ranier.

Stormy with El Jefe.
(taken by Kim on September 04, 2001)
Stormy with the El Jefe's Woman.
(taken by Dave on September 04, 2001)

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