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A Week with the Chadwicks, part 3
by Stormy on September 06, 2001

Returning home can be an adventure, too. Stormy sees his first major wildfire!

After El Jefe helped his woman set up housekeeping, we went back home to Colorado. El Jefe decided to drive as much as he could, taking catnaps along the way like Sandy, the White-Bellied Cat. Somewhere in Oregon we came around a bend in the road and saw a big circle of fire in the distance. At the time we did not know how close to the road it was. As we got closer, we thought it'd be a good place to take pictures, but as we got closer still, we realized just how near to the road the fire really was! About that time two or three state patrols cars zipped by with their lights on. As we continued to get closer to the fire, we noticed it was right along the road with six foot high flames. We decided this wasn't a good place for a photo opportunity. As we passed by the fire, the state patrol was setting up road blocks -- they were actually taking the barriers out of their cars -- and one looked at El Jefe as we drove by with an expression that said "you're the last car, buddy!" We went around the next bend and never saw the fire again. The rest of the trip wasn't exciting at all. The road was light, the road was dark, the road was light again, then I was at El Jefe's home. On Monday he took me to work with him so I could help out there!

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