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Aborted Flight
by Stormy on September 11, 2001

A tragedy leading to aborted vacation plans. These things call for a lot of reflection.

This was to be my first trip to Las Vegas. I've been promised this trip for weeks and was very excited to be going. I enjoyed the trip I just took with the Chadwicks, but I've been in cars many times. Now I was headed to Las Vegas in an "air plane". What's that? I was told that it would be fun and that I would enjoy the trip. I headed to the Denver International Airport very early in the morning to catch a 7:43 AM flight. The airport is very big. I liked the tents that it had on top. They looked like they'd make a nice big burrow. I then took my first train ride ever and sat up front to look out the window. I saw funny looking spinning things on the walls and as the train started going faster, they began to spin. It was rather entertaining. Once I got off the train I went to sit and wait to get on the airplane that I've heard so much about. Just before boarding I said "hi" to a very nice lady at the counter to make sure I was still headed to Las Vegas. She reassured me and I walked a short hallway to the plane. It turns out that it's sort of like a burrow, too. There were many seats in lots of rows that the humans can sit in and ride to wherever they are going. I sat towards the back of the plane where it was fun to watch all the people ahead of me. Just after a woman that I couldn't see said everything looked good and we'd take off soon, a man came on the plane and told us that there was a problem in New York City and that they were not letting any more planes in the air. We were told we could get off the plane or stay on board to wait and see when we'd leave. After another ten minutes or so the man told everyone that all the airports were closed and would stay that way for an undetermined amount of time. I got off the plane and went into the airport to see what was going on. I'm sure that reading my story you realize that we didn't go because this day saw the worst terrorist attack in the history of the United States. It seems that some bad people with a lot of hate flew two planes into large buildings in New York City and eventually the buildings collapsed. They also flew one plane into the Pentagon. I was told that this is a building with five sides that a lot of important people work in. And another plane crashed in a state named Pennsylvania. Lots of human folk died in these events and it was a very sad day. I hope I never have to see such a thing again. I was told that the airport was closed and that everyone must go home. I stood there with lots of other people and tried to figure out how to get back home as the police had closed the road into the airport. After a long time I found a van that would take me near my home and from where I could either catch another ride or walk. I finally made it back home and was nice and safe in my own place. I'm sorry to say that not everyone was so lucky this day. I wish all of their families the best and hope that they can go on with life. As for the trip to Las Vegas, I hope that I can still make it there some day. I enjoyed seeing the airport and would like to actually take a ride in a plane some day. I think it might be fun.

Stormy waits for his fight to Las Vegas at Denver International Airport; the flight is due to leave at 7:43 AM MDT.
(taken by Jennifer on September 11, 2001)
People stranded at Denver International Airport trying to find a way home.
(taken by Max on September 11, 2001)
Police shut down access to the Denver International Airport.
(taken by Max on September 11, 2001)

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