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Game Day
by Stormy on September 15, 2001

It's party time! I was invited to a party that took place today. There was a cornucopia of games.

Today we got together at a clubhouse and played games and ate pizza. A lot of people attended this event. I got to play a game called billiards. This is a game where you use a stick to poke little balls into short burrows around the outside of a green table. It was really fun, but I wanted to eat the table as at first it looked like nice green grass. We also played a big game of Uno, a card game. I had lots of fun today!

If you get too rowdy at this party, you get a time-out at the hitch.
(taken by Max on September 15, 2001)
Stormy plays a round of pool.
(taken by Max on September 15, 2001)

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