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Another Run Through the Mountains
by Stormy on September 30, 2001

There are a lot of small mountain communities along the Colorado's Front Range. These are towns with a lot of local color and history that are fun to visit. Some managed to grow into significant cultural centers of today.

Off to the mountains again! This is like heaven, getting to visit my favorite place over and over again! Today's trip took me to Boulder, CO. We went to the top of Flagstaff Mountain, just west of the city. The mountain overlooks the Boulder Valley and offers a most spectacular urban panorama. There is a nice picnic area at the top of the mountain and lots of great scenery all around. From here we drove west to Nederland, CO. It's a small mountain community at the far end of Boulder Canyon. There is a big dam there. A dam is a big concrete wall built to keep water in one place. Sort of like a big lake, in case you get very thirsty. After exploring the mountains some we came to Golden, CO. Golden is another community at the foot of the mountains. It's a rustic old town known for an engineering school and beer. I'd like to get an opportunity to explore this place at some later time. I finished off the day back in Denver, having dinner with Maggie the Cat.

Stormy checks out Boulder from Flagstaff Mountain.
(taken by Max on September 30, 2001)
Stormy ready to explore Barker Dam.
(taken by Max on September 30, 2001)
Stormy prowls around Barker Dam in Nederland.
(taken by Max on September 30, 2001)
Stormy on top of a Colorado School of Mines police cruiser.
(taken by Max on September 30, 2001)
Stormy tries out an Aurora Police van.
(taken by Max on September 30, 2001)
Stormy and Maggie lounge in the cat house.
(taken by Max on September 30, 2001)

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