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A Visit to Pine
by Stormy on October 06, 2001

There are a lot of pines in the mountains, but not all pines were created equally.

Today was another trip to the mountains. We visited Pine Valley Ranch on the southern tip of Jefferson County. As the name suggests, Pine Valley Ranch is near the town of Pine and in a valley, but it is definitely not a ranch. This is a pretty remote location that's nestled deep in a narrow valley with mountains on both sides. There's a small lake and a lot of pines! The area offers hiking and picnicking as its main attraction and that's just great for this marmot. I get the feeling that I'll be back here a few more times.

Pine Valley Ranch.
(taken by Max on October 06, 2001)
A small creek bubbles its way though Pine Valley Ranch.
(taken by Max on October 06, 2001)

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