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The Golfing Marmot
by Stormy on October 06, 2001

Have you ever wondered what those elderly men in funny pants do in the park? I think I know the answer!

Another interesting experience today was playing a game known as golf. Actually, I was told that the version I played was miniature golf, where everything is scaled down to make the game go faster. To be completely honest, I was very confused by the green stuff. It's something that's called a "turf". I tried eating it because it looked like grass, but it turned out to be plastic. You have no idea how tough it is to get strands of plastic grass out of your teeth! You play the game with a stick and chase different colored balls around the turf until you manage to through them into a little hole. As you play the game, you have to avoid obstacles that are shaped like buildings, canyons and large bodies of water. I thought that the windmill, in particular, was very dangerous. I can understand why it was important to make a miniature version of the game. Otherwise you'd be playing for months through five cities and a national forest!

Lining up a shot at the Kennedy Golf Course.
(taken by Max on October 06, 2001)
This looked a lot like Stormy's home rock in the mountains.
(taken by Max on October 06, 2001)
Up the ramp, over the moat, under the door and in the hole! No problem.
(taken by Max on October 06, 2001)
A good Italian restaurant is a pleasure after a long day.
(taken by Max on October 06, 2001)
Stormy checks out a Denver police cruiser.
(taken by Max on October 06, 2001)

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