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Pizza and Bicycles
by Stormy on October 17, 2001

It's as big as a large bicycle wheel and there's everything on it. How could you possibly go wrong with this choice?

Tonight I got to eat at another Beau Jo's Pizza. It's not as big or as scenic as the one in Idaho Springs, but the pizza was just as yummy. Pizza veterans tell me there are five other Beau Jo's around Colorado. I hope to eat at all of them one day. I hope that's not an overly ambitious goal. After my pizza dinner I went to a meeting with some folks from group called Aurora Bicycle. I'm not sure what a bicycle is, but the people were very nice. Ed Tauer, the Aurora City councilman, was there to update the group on what's happening with the Aurora area trails. He seemed nice enough. I wonder if marmots are allowed to vote in Aurora. I'll be sure to go and check out all the trails they talked about!

Stormy screwing around at Beau Jo's.
(taken by Jennifer on October 17, 2001)

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