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Our National Caves
by Stormy on August 15, 2002

A number of parks exist in the United States centered on fantastic caves. If you get an opportunity, perhaps you should consider visiting one of them.

The National Parks of the United States are granted special status by Congress as unique environments deserving of special treatment and protection. Among the many parks in the National Parks system are parks centered on magnificent caves. These parks include: Carlsbad Caverns National Park (New Mexico) Great Basin National Park (Nevada) Jewel Cave National Park (South Dakota) Mammoth Cave National Park (Kentucky) Sequoia National Park (California) Wind Cave National Park (South Dakota) The National Parks Service also manages a number of monuments that include caves and many states have their own state sponsored caves. There are also many commercial caves all around the country. If you wish to get a taste of underground adventure, start with a well managed commercial cave. Most of these caves will be well worth your time.

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