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The Way to Santa Fe
by Stormy on June 27, 2005

A lot of people think of New Mexico as a hot place to be in the summer. This is not a false assumption! But it's a pretty place, too.

Santa Fe was a little less of a destination and a little more of a pit stop, but being in the area I could not resist the opportunity to take a look. There was an opportunity for a self-guided tour of the facility, which lasted a whole thirty minutes. There is a lot of art in the capitol, but it's more of an office building and less of a tourist attraction than many of the other state houses I've been to. The real destination was still ahead and without wasting too much time, we got back on the road.

The New Mexico State Capitol is very much unlike the traditional domed state houses across the United States. It's architecture is indicative of the southwest.
(taken by Jennifer on June 27, 2005)
As soon as people hear that there's a marmot in town, a fight breaks out! Please, hands off the marmot!
(taken by Max on June 27, 2005)
Stormy on the Seal of New Mexico in the New Mexico State Capitol.
(taken by Max on June 27, 2005)
It's 100 degrees out. No one else really understood this sign either. At what temperature do the locals start to bundle up?
(taken by Max on June 27, 2005)

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