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Alien Encounters
by Stormy on June 28, 2005

Just short of Roswell's 58th anniversary of the UFO incident I got to blow through town. Most literature I read described Roswell as a sleepy town. I'd call it creepy instead.

The road to Carlsbad Caverns went through Roswell. I suppose that in modern lore aliens and UFOs are the thing New Mexico is best known for and Roswell just happened to be the center of all things weird. We did not expect to stop in Roswell. There was really no need. We had a fairly tight schedule to meet, but two miles north of town we found ourselves driving through the thickest cloud of bugs imaginable. Out of nowhere the car started getting pelted by bugs like there was no tomorrow. At highway speeds they made a cracking sound as they impacted the windshield and left nasty yellow streaks on the glass. One or two or five dozen probably would not have been bad, but this was thousands of them. Tens of thousands. The windshield wipers were working non-stop and it wasn't long before we were out of washer fluid. This is when you start wondering about what to do next. We pulled over at the first gas station in town, washed the car and replenished the washer fluid. We bought an extra gallon, just to be on the safe side. Roswell itself appears to be overtaken with self-publicity about UFOs. No matter where you look, you can get an alien this or a UFO that. It's shameless self-promotion at its finest and quite clearly there's no other industry in this town at all. Old-timers tell me that around UFO days the place is all nuclear green with people in alien customs and cars made up to look like UFOs. Streets are supposedly jam packed with alien seeking tourists and tourists claiming to be aliens. I was in town a week ahead of the festival and I'm happy to say I missed the madhouse. If I was an alien, I'd be sure to steer clear of this town!

Bug storm outside of Roswell. All out of washer fluid!
(taken by Max on June 28, 2005)
The windshield was hard to look through. It was kind of gross, too.
(taken by Max on June 28, 2005)
The car was just coated with bugs and paste of bugs. And it had the bug paste smell, too.
(taken by Max on June 28, 2005)
Where else would you see a UFO shaped McDonald's? Roswell, of course!
(taken by Max on June 28, 2005)
Looks like the Alien Headquarters is up for sale.
(taken by Max on June 28, 2005)

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