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On the Road Again
by Stormy on June 29, 2005

The road from western Texas to central Texas is a fairly long one. I wish there was a lot to see along the way!

Here's an interesting fact. The western end of Texas is a desert. It's pretty empty. My goal for the day was to get to Austin. This is not a terribly lofty goal. Rather, it's a long way to go! What I really wanted to accomplish at the end of the day was to visit the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin to see the flight of the world's largest urban bat colony. And I had to get there while it was still light out, because that's when the bats take flight. It was an eight hour drive and I managed to arrive just in time to witness my bat flight, but the flight itself is a different story.

The Texas/New Mexico line. They don't have many marmots in Texas.
(taken by Max on June 29, 2005)
There's also a mile post here, marking the start of the highway. Don't anyone get excited!
(taken by Max on June 29, 2005)
Perched on the Texas state line marker, Stormy stares at the road ahead.
(taken by Max on June 29, 2005)
In a nameless town Stormy finds a big yellow box car. How could he pass up this opportunity?
(taken by Jennifer on June 29, 2005)
In the center of the red circle, just off the road, is a dust devil. It wandered down the countryside as the car approached, but dissipated before the car got close.
(taken by Max on June 29, 2005)
This is about as exciting as the scenery got. Old disintegrating mesas of sandstone with a still solid core.
(taken by Max on June 29, 2005)
How bored do you have to be to cut out the center of a ridge to let the road go through? Can't you just go over the hill? This couldn't possibly be less expensive! Texas environmentalism at its finest.
(taken by Max on June 29, 2005)
This is even worse!
(taken by Max on June 29, 2005)
That's pretty bored!
(taken by Max on June 29, 2005)

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