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by Stormy on August 21, 2005

It's out to pasture, but if you wish for something hard enough, you can find a way!

On June 28, while in New Mexico, I saw the life-size version of Wildfire. It was the pony that made me fall in love with the Trail of Painted Ponies public art project. The striking colors and urgency of a forest fire stood out even in the dimly lit lobby of the hotel. I admit it, this was a want, not a need. I did not need to have Wildfire, but I wanted to have Wildfire. Maybe it's because I could stand on my balcony and see the Hayman Fire of Colorado or because I drove through the fire ravaged forests or because friends of mine have worked this fire and many others, but something in Wildfire spoke to me and it made me want to get this horse. There was one hitch, though. Wildfire was in the first set of ponies to be released as a small figurine and it was among the first to be retired, in March 2004. By the time I saw the life-size Wildfire in New Mexico, it had not been manufactured as a figurine for well over a year. Okay, yes, the large pony from New Mexico was available for $25,000 plus shipping. I'd love to have that! I'd just need a place to put it. Talk about large display cabinets! Finding a small version of Wildfire was pretty hard and it wasn't cheap, but it was better than the cost of the life-size pony by quite a bit. Today I got my Wildfire. It's an amazing work of art. Now I'm think I should collect the rest of the series...

Stormy with Wildfire.
(taken by Max on August 21, 2005)

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