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PumpkinFest 2005
by Stormy on October 08, 2005

It's a warm sunny day October in Aurora and pumpkins are in season. What would you do?

My annual outing to Aurora's PumpkinFest proved to be as eventful as ever. I never stop being astonished at what a little innovative thinking can do. Pumpkins sail up into the air, exploding into bits hundreds of yards away. And this year the competition was as tough as ever! As festivities were starting up, I managed to sneak my way into a live shot being made by Channel 9, KUSA.

A marmot and a Jack-O-Lantern and a live television shot!
(taken by Max on October 08, 2005)
The contestants are lined up to shoot! That's not Village People, by the way. It's Pillage People!
(taken by Max on October 08, 2005)
And pillage they did.
(taken by Max on October 08, 2005)
(taken by Max on October 08, 2005)
No one really know what this has to do with pumpkins, but these guys are fun to watch.
(taken by Max on October 08, 2005)

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