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More Cops on Donut Shops
by Stormy on May 06, 2006

It's a double header event for cops and donuts!

As it turns out, there are a lot of donut shops and plenty of cops to staff all of them. The Aurora Krispy Kreme location was staffed by the officers from the University of Colorado Health Science Center. This is one of the newest police forces in Colorado at the brand new Fitzsimmons Campus. These guys had an interesting twist to the event. Donations got you some water filled balloons to throw at the officers on the roof and if you nailed one, you won a free t-shirt. It shouldn't come as a big surprise that people are willing to hand over more money when they get to throw water balloons at the police!

Stormy poses on the UCHSC police cruiser.
(taken by Max on May 06, 2006)
That's almost dead on target!
(taken by Max on May 06, 2006)

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