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The Space Marmot
by Stormy on March 28, 2007

There haven't been all that many people in space and even fewer marmots. Wouldn't it be fun to be a marmot in space?

Today I visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The museum is a lot of fun. There are many different exhibits and they all have something exciting to offer. A full day is never enough to see the whole thing. This time around I checked out the Space Odyssey exhibit, which talks about space exploration, about living in space and about what we can expect to find on other planets. This is the newest edition to the museum, but is now a few years old. The museum staff do a great job of keeping the exhibit up to date and there are always volunteers around to show off the exhibits and explain how things work. You can try to dock the space shuttle, bombard a planet with meteors, create a tornado on Mars, live in a simulated space station and do a ton of other things! I went to the museum to attend a lecture called "60 Minutes in Space", which is presented by the space department's staff. The talk is a monthly event and is presented in plain English with lots of pictures and explanations. It's all about the current events in space and even though the lecture is given by super smart astrophysicists, they always make it fun for all ages and backgrounds. I took an opportunity to play with (and on) several of the exhibits. I look forward to coming back to the museum!

Upon arriving at the museum, Stormy found himself being chased by a pack of wolves!
(taken by Max on March 28, 2007)
One wolf caught Stormy!
(taken by Max on March 28, 2007)
Stormy had to get a boost from his Star Wars backpack to get a look at the Martian Rover.
(taken by Max on March 28, 2007)
A marmot on an infrared camera. Can you make the marmot out?
(taken by Jennifer on March 28, 2007)
Watch out for the Martian flood simulator! It'll get your toes wet!
(taken by Max on March 28, 2007)
The world is not enough! Not for this marmot, anyway. Does NASA accept marmots?
(taken by Max on March 28, 2007)

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