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STARFLEET International Conference 2007
by Stormy on March 29, 2007

Many large organizations have annual national or international gatherings. These conventions can be political, technological or charitable in nature. My outing today was to take part in the planning of the gathering of a large science-fiction group.

Today I found myself in an enterprise already well on its way. There's a convention coming to town! It's a science-fiction gathering for STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, scheduled for the second weekend in August. Members from all over the world will be coming to Denver. Planning for this event has been under way for a year and a half. There are still a few months to go and the big preparation push is now under way. It turns out that the logistics for running a convention are pretty significant. A lot of things need to be done to prepare for hundreds of visitors and the planning committee is now entering the final stretch. The convention, formally called "the International Conference", is the annual meeting of the association. Directors of the organization discuss the group's progress in the last year and plan for things to come down the road. The members catch up on old times, make new friends and party into all hours of the night. There are discussion forums and seminars and celebrity speakers and local tours. The purpose of this meeting was to update the status of the convention planning, get a tour of our facility and create a strategy for the final four months before the event. The gathering will take place at the Denver Adam's Mark Hotel on August 10, 11 and 12. Adam's Mark is a huge hotel. It takes two city blocks in downtown Denver and our allocation of their convention space spans three floors. Filling all the rooms we have with activities will be quite a challenge. There are a lot of really good people involved in the project and they all look forward to the most exciting, most successful event STARFLEET has ever seen. My own role will be working with mascots. I have a panel scheduled that I will be in charge of and I may end up assisting on other activities. Plus there's a surprise that I'm planning on adding to the festivities of this weekend. The work will go on. Stay tuned for updates!

Stormy sits at the head table with IC2007 co-chairs, Dave and Bran.
(taken by Max on March 29, 2007)
The meeting agenda is presented.
(taken by Max on March 29, 2007)
Stormy compares notes with the STARFLEET Chief of Operations, Gumby Simmons.
(taken by Max on March 29, 2007)
Convention members can get door plaques during their stay at the hotel. Bran exhibits his.
(taken by Max on March 29, 2007)

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