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Geocaching on a Bicycle
by Stormy on June 03, 2007

Can a marmot ride a tandem? Four paws for two sets of pedals, but how do you steer?

It's National Trails Day and I was invited to take a geocaching ride with Bicycle Aurora! We did a big loop through town, covering about twenty miles. There are a lot of geocaches along the trails, averaging one per mile. There were a lot of people on the ride, too, so everyone had an opportunity to be a hero. We started in Aurora's Horseshoe Park and headed east on the brand new Powerline Trail, connecting to the Great Plains Park and proceeding onto the Conservatory Trail, the Plains Conservation Center and other connecting trails and parks. It was a very warm day and the ride was a lot of fun, although there was one flat tire along the way that forced us to stop and make repairs. National Trails Day takes place the first Saturday in June and encourages people to get outdoors and start their summer adventures in recreation. How did you mark the National Trails Day?

Bicyclists dismount to look for a cache along the Powerline Trail.
(taken by Max on June 03, 2007)
Sometimes you have to bushwhack to find the prize.
(taken by Jennifer on June 03, 2007)
I found it! Do you see it?
(taken by Jennifer on June 03, 2007)
That's not a geocache. That's an egg, but I'm sure there's a surprise inside.
(taken by Max on June 03, 2007)
Go bunny, go!
(taken by Jennifer on June 03, 2007)

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