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Fulford Weekend, part 2
by Stormy on June 23, 2007

To a lot of people camping is something that's done with a hotel key in hand and while hotels can be a fun place to stay, there's nothing like spending a few days out in the wilderness, enjoying nature!

The end of the day at camp is always a great time to look forward to. It's an opportunity to kick back and relax and share stories about the adventures of the day. We had 22 participants on the camping trip this year and while some may say that's about twenty people too many, I have to say that the number is just about right! During the day the camp was a bustle of activity with people constantly coming and going. There were caving trips, hiking trips, mandatory trips to walk the dogs. People went to town, people went to check out something other people just came back and told them about, people went hunting for firewood. It's a good thing we had radios with us! In the evening things start to calm down. The campers gather again, relax, make dinner. It's a time to tell tall tales about the big pit in the cave and the trail hike where one of the dogs freaked out at the site of a river of flowing water and about the day's adventures in Glenwood Springs. The meal is a communal event. It's a potluck of sorts. There are too many varieties, too much food. Long before the night is over, people are sitting with marshmallow sticks in hand, too gorged to even try to put out the burning marshmallow. "Does anyone have a ghost story?" "There's something in my tent..." Some people have traditions for the wrong reason. This annual camping outing is completely different. It's about friends and adventure and about forgetting that in today's world we're all tethered down by our cell phones. Being out in the wilderness is good.

The valley to the south, looking towards the 13,000 foot mountains of the Holy Cross Wilderness. The end of the day is near.
(taken by Max on June 23, 2007)
The campsite at just over 9,000 feet. It's time to relax and tell stories of the day.
(taken by Max on June 23, 2007)
A brilliant sunset begins to paint the clouds.
(taken by Max on June 23, 2007)
Anyone have room for just one more marshmallow?
(taken by Jennifer on June 23, 2007)

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