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Bike to Work Day 2007
by Stormy on June 27, 2007

Each year the Bike to Work Day takes place to promote alternative transportation, exercise and the outdoors. Did you take part in it this year?

It's the last Wednesday of June and it's time to hit the road for the annual Bike to Work Day. I suppose biking is easy if you fit your bicycle, but being a marmot I find a few glitches with the idea. Still, it's about biking, about the outdoors and about having fun. How can you go wrong? I'm a marmot. It's not like I've got a day job. I suppose that if anything, my job is telling stories, so this Bike to Work Day I hooked up with some friends to put a few miles on my bike and on the trails. This morning I did a big loop through Denver and Aurora by taking the Highline Canal, Tollgate Trail, Cherry Creek Spillway Trail and the Cherry Creek Trail to make a loop about 20 miles in size. It was great to be out and to see all the people out trying something different! If we all biked to work just one day a week, we would reduce our gasoline consumption by 20%! Just imagine saving 1/5 of your gas bill every time you pull up to the pump. That's pretty significant when a gallon has broken the $3 mark! Biking is fun, healthy and economical, but remember to stay safe! Make sure your bike is the right size for you, tuned correctly and that you have the proper safety equipment. And then it's all about fun!

Stormy's bike is too big for him, but he does have a helmet!
(taken by Jennifer on June 27, 2007)
It's fun to pedal the Cherry Creek Trail with your friends!
(taken by Jennifer on June 27, 2007)

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