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Denver Cow Parade Miniatures, Summer 2007
by Stormy on June 28, 2007

Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes just bizarre, the figurines of the Denver Cow Parade remain a fascinating novelty to have on your shelf.

At this point 2006 seems to be a long way away, but the memories of the 2006 Denver Cow Parade are constantly refreshed by my encounters with cows. With the hot summer weather here, the 2007 summer herd of cows has been released and they're here now! Included in this set of eight are three more of the Denver cows, which I had the pleasure of seeing a year ago. Americow is perhaps the only semi-normal bovine in this set. I had the pleasure of seeing it in Cherry Creek North in July 2006 and again at Stapleton in October 2006. It's a rather sharp contrasted patriotic looking animal with a look and name far too similar to Americow the Beautiful from the 2000 New York Cow Parade. Cowabunga Dude! stands out in my mind as a favorite for many years to come, representing Colorado's ski resorts. I saw this cow in October in Stapleton. It's fully outfitted for a day of skiing and like most skiers is fully oblivious to the world around it, listening to its ipod. One of the strangest cows I've ever seen is the Hula Cow. I had an opportunity to visit with the ten foot tall version of this scary looking animal at Larimer Square last October. It seemed fairly terrifying back then, causing people to give it a wide berth. Sadly, the figurine isn't much prettier and to make things worse, it's a bobble cow. Just give it a push and watch it strut its booty. Eeeck! Still, it's the Denver cows. I met them. I got a set.

Stormy with the newly released Denver Cow Parade Cows, Americow, Cowabunga Dude and Hula Cow.
(taken by Max on June 28, 2007)
Americow at the Stapleton Development area on October 22, 2006.
(taken by Max on June 28, 2007)
Cowabunga, Dude! at Stapleton Development area on October 22, 2006.
(taken by Max on June 28, 2007)
Hula Cow in Larimer Square on October 16, 2006.
(taken by Max on June 28, 2007)

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