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Going to Convention
by Stormy on July 22, 2007

The last leg of the trip to Indiana was completed this morning. It was a "short" day of driving compared to the day before.

Crossing from Missouri into Illinois went without any indication that the crossing was made. No sign before, on or past the Mississippi River was evident and other than Interstate-70's mile markers being reset, it was hard to tell that we were in a different state. Crossing from Illinois into Indiana was marked, but there was no place to stop to pose for a picture as the change happened over a bridge and stopping was not allowed. We arrived at the NSS convention site, just outside Marengo, Indiana just after noon local time. Or just after 1 PM local time. It was hard to tell. The registration and session facility was in the Eastern time zone. The campground and most of the activities were right across the street in the Central time zone. The time on the phones was swapping back and forth the whole time we were there, depending on the cell tower that had the best signal into the area. We took no time to register. Or maybe we took an hour. Time is very confusing now.

Gateway Arch as seen from Interstate-70.
(taken by Max on July 22, 2007)
The sign welcoming people to Indiana.
(taken by Max on July 22, 2007)
Stormy and Star arrive at the convention site.
(taken by Max on July 22, 2007)

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