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2007 Opening Ceremonies
by Stormy on July 23, 2007

There is a lot of pomp and circumstance surrounding something that's fairly plain and potentially wet, muddy and icky!

Even though the 2007 Convention has been open since Saturday, the official opening was at 8 AM Monday morning. There were a lot of local officials who came to welcome the convention, as did local delegations of the area's representatives to Washington. There were a few short talks, followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony. And the convention was on! Our first order of business was to sit in on the Board of Governors meeting to help with the presentation for the planned 2011 convention. As it turned out, there was far too much business to discuss and the presentation had to be pushed back to Friday.

A very large Indiana Bat was seen running around the facility.
(taken by Jennifer on July 23, 2007)
NSS President Bill Tozer addressed the convention.
(taken by Jennifer on July 23, 2007)
Stars of the NSS 2007 video came to welcome the crowd as well. Left to right are Indiana Dave, the Indiana Bat, the Hoosier Woman and the Old Hoosier.
(taken by Jennifer on July 23, 2007)
The politicians used big scissors to open the convention. These are the same scissors used to cut services people like from shrinking budgets.
(taken by Jennifer on July 23, 2007)
The NSS Board of Governors contemplate their agenda.
(taken by Max on July 23, 2007)
A shameless pitch for the 2011 convention!
(taken by Max on July 23, 2007)

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