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Fire Truck for Sale
by Stormy on July 24, 2007

Ever wanted to have your own big shinny red fire truck? Your dream could come true in Marengo, Indiana!

Imagine this: a volunteer fire department is looking to upgrade their equipment. They have an older fire truck that they're ready to part with. It's shiny. It's red. And it's a fire truck. Okay, I'm not a traditional marmot. I like shiny police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. Paint it up, wash it clean and slap a light bar on top and I'm ready to take a ride! No kidding. The Marengo Fire Department has a fire engine for sale. Interested? Give them a call!

Stormy strikes a pose on the Marengo-Liberty Fire Department Engine.
(taken by Max on July 24, 2007)

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