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Siberts Cave
by Stormy on July 26, 2007

Southern Indiana has a number of commercial caves. Siberts Cave is a small cave that would not be memorable, except that it's part of a larger commercial operation.

As a bonus of the 2007 NSS Convention, all of the local commercial cave operations agreed to give the NSS members a 50% discount on their commercial tours. This is pretty significant as a lot of the tours can run $20 an up. What the commercial operations "lost" in profits, they more than made up for in volume of business as all cavers eventually decide that they're just too tired to do any more wild caving during the week. Siberts Cave is located on the Wyandotte Cave property. It's short decorated cave that was discovered by the Siberts family when their dog fell in an opening in a sink hole. The cave was eventually commercialized, although it did not represent much in terms of length or formation. Today it's an optional side-tour of the Wyandotte operation. Our guide, Ethan, got lucky and ended up with a group of 14 people, seven of which were NSS members. This is when the guide realizes that if he screws up, the real cavers will embarrass him right out of the cave. This tour focused primarily on the cave's history and the Speleology behind the formations in the cave. It was a short tour, but pleasant in that we were in a 54 degree cave on a 90 degree day.

Stormy posing on the Wyandotte Caves sign.
(taken by Max on July 26, 2007)
The Crawford County sheriff was visiting the caves. Too many rowdy cavers, no doubt.
(taken by Max on July 26, 2007)
Inside Siberts Cave.
(taken by Max on July 26, 2007)
This looks big, but it's actually only a foot high.
(taken by Max on July 26, 2007)

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