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NSS 2011
by Stormy on July 27, 2007

The National Speleological Society works to study, explore and conserve cave and karst resources, to protect access to caves, to encourage responsible management of caves and their unique environments and to promote responsible caving.

All year long the National Speleological Society works hard to meet their stated objectives and each year they hold an annual Board of Governors meeting to talk about business completed and business to be done. The annual meeting is combined with an annual conference for cavers from all over the country and beyond to attend workshops and seminars and, like little kids, blow off some steam. Bidding for conferences is a tough business. Each year the conference moves to a different host. Plans are made years in advance and competition can be pretty stiff. Often bids are worked on for months or years before they are presented to the Board of Governors. The Colorado caving community has been working on presenting a bid for the 2011 conference for the last three years. A preliminary presentation was made at the March Board of Governors meeting, but the final presentation and the vote had to wait until the 2007 Convention. In March there was a last minute surprise from a New Mexico group, also bidding for the 2011 conference. With competition to be had, the Colorado crew had to work extra hard to create a flawless presentation. Dozens of people worked for hundreds of hours to fine-tune a bid like no other. At the 2007 meeting the Colorado bid was presented to the NSS Board of Governors. It was met with tremendous enthusiasm and easily won the votes required for a 2011 conference. The only question remaining is what role would a marmot play at an event such as this?

The NSS Board of Governors listens to the Colorado 2011 conference proposal.
(taken by Jennifer on July 27, 2007)

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