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NSS Banquet
by Stormy on July 27, 2007

The Banquet marks the formal end of the convention and a time for announcing the Society's important awards and honors including the Honorary Membership, the Certificate of Merit, Fellowships and other awards in recognition of contributions to speleology.

A week at convention goes by pretty quickly. There's hardly any time to sit down and relax. Looking back I recall getting up while it was still dark outside and going to bed no earlier than midnight. Convention is a fun time. It is also very draining. On the last day of the conference is the Banquet. This is an opportunity to sit down with fellow cavers and talk about the week that has gone by and to make plans for the future. Many cavers only get to see each other at convention and those just come once a year. The main feature of the Banquet is gorging on food. Cavers are big eaters, which is very surprising because many of them need to fit through very small holes. They argue that caving is hard work and far more calories are burned than are consumed. This is also the time when the major annual awards of the Society are announced. Awards are given based on work done to meet the Society's objectives and most years the committee has a tough time selecting the best from among all nominations.

A clean Marengo Warehouse and Distribution Center. It's not clean after the party is finished.
(taken by Max on July 27, 2007)
The facility is packed with attendees.
(taken by Max on July 27, 2007)
Wine is the staple of the event.
(taken by Max on July 27, 2007)
Being in formal dress can get you a seat at the piano.
(taken by Max on July 27, 2007)

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