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On the Road Again
by Stormy on July 28, 2007

Saturday was a driving day, heading from the NSS campsite to Cleveland, Ohio by a route that isn't quite direct.

In the morning I had to stop by the post office to mail a few postcards. The day before I learned that the local postmaster was applying an NSS convention cancellation stamp to all mail heading out of Marengo. That was too good of an opportunity to pass up and besides, all of my friends have grown to expect postcards from me! From there it was on to Kentucky and then up to Cincinnati, Ohio where I got an opportunity to have lunch in a regional restaurant and continue on to Cleveland.

The problem with the Midwest is that all the states are separated by rivers and it's very hard to get the marmot to pose on a state welcome sign.
(taken by Max on July 28, 2007)
On the other hand, it's not at all unusual to be met with flashing lights. There must be an APB out on the marmot!
(taken by Max on July 28, 2007)
Late in the morning Stormy crossed into Ohio, his first visit to the Buckeye State.
(taken by Max on July 28, 2007)
In Columbus Stormy checked out the statue of Peace at the state capitol.
(taken by Max on July 28, 2007)
Stormy could not pass a state capitol without getting his picture taken. Here he poses in front of the nerve center of Ohio.
(taken by Max on July 28, 2007)
The Morrow County Sheriff's Office is marmot approved.
(taken by Jennifer on July 28, 2007)

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