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A Visit to University of Colorado at Boulder
by Stormy on August 05, 2007

That "Back to School" season is almost here! Is Colorado's premiere institution ready to accept students?

Today I got a chance to visit the University of Colorado at Boulder. CU Boulder is a large school, recognized for many academic programs, awards and achievements. It has been called a "Public Ivy", a play on the private Ivy League schools, implying characteristics of academic excellence. The Colorado state legislature provided money for the creation of the University of Colorado in 1876 and the University opened its doors to the public in 1877. It grew from 15 students back then to an enrollment of 30,000 today. The first building on campus was Old Main, at the time school building, dormitory, church and administrative facility. Today all functions other than administration have moved out and Old Main serves as the nerve center for the School of Arts and Sciences, CU Boulder's largest college. Today's University of Colorado hosts nine schools and colleges and 68 departments and specialized programs. Over the decades the University has produced a number of Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners and astronauts and constantly appears on the list of best public universities and on the list of top party schools. Each year special events such as the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and the Conference on World Affairs bring thousands of people to campus. The University is also rich in museums and galleries, including the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, the CU Heritage Center, the Fiske Planetarium, the CU Art Museum, the UMC Art Gallery, the Macky Gallery and the Norlin Gallery. Norlin Library also contains one of the largest collections of books and periodicals in the western United States. As a student or a visitor, it's easy to find a lot of things to occupy your time at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Stormy stops by the University Memorial Center, the building housing the student union and the social heartbeat of the University.
(taken by Max on August 05, 2007)
The University's computers have no problem connecting to!
(taken by Max on August 05, 2007)
Stormy tries to figure out the time on the University's sundial. No one told Stormy that the sun has to be out for this contraption to work.
(taken by Max on August 05, 2007)
Norlin Library's old entrance displays the inscription, "Who Knows Only His Own Generation Remains Always a Child", text paraphrased from Marcus Tullius Cicero's "De Oratore".
(taken by Max on August 05, 2007)
The Flatirons rise above Boulder, west of the University of Colorado.
(taken by Max on August 05, 2007)
Stormy stopped by the Macky Auditorium.
(taken by Max on August 05, 2007)
The Varsity Pond could be a relaxing environment on a hot summer day.
(taken by Max on August 05, 2007)
Stormy and Robert Frost write poetry by Old Main.
(taken by Max on August 05, 2007)
Folsom Field is the home of the Colorado Buffaloes football team, a powerhouse in the Big 12 Conference.
(taken by Max on August 05, 2007)

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