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STARFLEET International Conference 2007, part 1
by Stormy on August 10, 2007

STARFLEET International is recognized as the world's largest science-fiction fan club and each year members gather in a different city for an annual conference.

In 2007 the STARFLEET International Conference came to Denver and I got to take part in the geek-loaded festivities. Fridays are generally business days. The organization's Board of Directors gathers to conduct the big annual business meeting. They spent the entire day locked away in a conference room, discussing issues and directions and devising strategy for what to do next. And while they work, the membership starts ramping up towards the biggest party of the year. While the conference doesn't officially open until Saturday morning, the party starts as soon as people arrive.

The 2007 STARFLEET International Conference was held at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Denver, Colorado.
(taken by Keira on August 10, 2007)
Attendees really enjoyed their customized door signs.
(taken by Keira on August 10, 2007)
Tim Russ was the guest speaker at the Conference and entertained attendees on stage on Friday night.
(taken by Keira on August 10, 2007)
In the evening there was a charity poker tournament.
(taken by Max on August 10, 2007)
Stormy Marmot was front and center to try his luck at poker!
(taken by Max on August 10, 2007)

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