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STARFLEET International Conference 2007, part 2
by Stormy on August 11, 2007

State of the Fleet is not always serious business. A lot of times it's all about the fun stuff. STARFLEET loves working with charities, but if you can't have fun while you work, the exercise may not be worth the time.

Saturday morning are the Opening Ceremonies. The membership gathers to hear updates from STARFLEET's leadership. Awards are announced at this event to recognize accomplishments for the previous year and the organization's direction for the year to come is described. After the Opening Ceremonies members attend panels, workshops and discussions and many just find a quiet corner in the convention facility and catch up with old friends. In the evening there is a formal Banquet, a charity auction and then debauchery leading late into the night. STARFLEET is about fun. It has very little to do with emulating the lifestyle of Star Trek, although that does add a fun element to what the organization does. Rather, the organization is formed around the dream of a better future envisioned by Star Trek's creator Gene Roddenberry. It speaks to people growing beyond their biases and embracing the world around them. There is a social message in Star Trek about peace and prosperity and acceptance and STARFLEET's mission is to work towards accomplishing this.

STARFLEET Wants You! Are you willing to join?
(taken by Max on August 11, 2007)
Stormy hangs out at the registration table with a herd of cloned Billy the Bison mascots.
(taken by Allyson on August 11, 2007)
The STARFLEET Marine Corps Color Guard begins the Opening Ceremonies.
(taken by Max on August 11, 2007)
A ballroom full of people listens to the State of the Fleet. Pictured in the front row are STARFLEET's Regional Coordinators, equivalent of state governors.
(taken by Allyson on August 11, 2007)
Santa's in STARFLEET!
(taken by Keira on August 11, 2007)
The dancing Orion Slave Girls were provided courtesy of the Serpent Moon Dance Troop. They were quite a hit!
(taken by Keira on August 11, 2007)

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