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STARFLEET International Conference 2007, part 3
by Stormy on August 12, 2007

The final day of the STARFLEET International Conference is used to wrap up the remaining business, catch up with the last few elusive friends and get ready to return to regular life.

Sunday morning sees the last of the Conference's panels and an opportunity for the members to wrap up any needed business. The Closing Ceremonies have a few last talks, mostly thank-yous for the hard work by various members and any special presentations to guests and dignitaries. The charity of the 2007 STARFLEET International Conference was the National Jewish Medical and Research Center, the nation's #1 respiratory, allergy and immune disease treatment facility. The Conference raised $1740 that was turned over to a representative of National Jewish during the Closing Ceremonies. The last thing to wrap up the event is the Dead Dog Party. This is a Conference tradition to conclude a busy weekend. The attending partiers get very little sleep and the staff running the event gets even less. The Dead Dog Party is the wind down to the festivities. The 2008 STARFLEET International Conference will be held in Ithaca, New York.

Fleet Admiral Les Rickard, the elected head of STARFLEET presided over PetFleet, a mascot oriented panel. Stormy is the dressed up marmot, third from the left.
(taken by Max on August 12, 2007)
August 12 is Stormy's birthday and the marmot was surprised with a cake. It's good to be a marmot!
(taken by Max on August 12, 2007)
Tim Russ took to the stage one more time. He had to share the podium with a gaggle of mascots.
(taken by Max on August 12, 2007)
Sadly the media did not come to downtown Denver to cover the STARFLEET event. Rather, they were interested in a shooting that happened down the street.
(taken by Max on August 12, 2007)

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