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Checking Out the Moonlight Classic
by Stormy on August 18, 2007

Each year, come mid-August, Kaiser Permanente sponsors a huge charity event for Seniors, Inc. Some refer to this bicycle ride as

The Moonlight Classic has more than a dozen years of history behind it and has developed quite a reputation among the faithful. Contrary to popular runs and walks, the Moonlight Classic has set out to rewrite all the rules of creating a charity event. For starters, the Moonlight Classic leaves the walkers and runners behind. At home to be precise. Only bicycle riders are allowed to participate and you must have a bicycle to be allowed on the course. Traditional bicycles are not a requirement, though. Here you will see a vast assortment of methods of wheeled transportation ranging from the traditional to tandems to multi-tandems to unicycles to recombinants to group cycles to contraptions that absolutely refuse to be defined by any category at all. The only requirement is for the entrant to ride a human powered wheeled vehicle. There are no spectators in this event. There may be a handful of curious bystanders at the start/finish line, but for the length of the ride, covering 15 miles, the only witnesses are sparse traffic and event staff. Unlike traditional daytime races, the Moonlight Classic begins at 10:30 PM on a Saturday night. Participants leave in waves including athletes, families, fun riders and the late night gonzo wave. Some ride non-stop, others pause at local attractions to take pictures. Some will hit the local pubs strategically included on the course. The last of the riders may stagger back to the finish line as the sun breaks the horizon. Cycling gear will range from standard bicycling attire to costumes to strands of flashing lights to outfits that are forced to start with the gonzo wave because they would be highly inappropriate for the family riders. The Moonlight Classic benefits Seniors Inc, a Colorado charity created in 1969, dedicated to promoting the independence of and enriching the quality of life of senior citizens. Services of the charity help and encourage seniors to live independently and to continue to learn, grow and contribute to society.

A lone spectator, Stormy sets up to watch the late night race. Pass the kibble?
(taken by Jennifer on August 18, 2007)
Riders fly by. For several hours a string of bicycle lights can be seen far down the street.
(taken by Jennifer on August 18, 2007)
A race participant pauses. It might be time for a nap!
(taken by Jennifer on August 18, 2007)

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