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The Columbine Memorial
by Stormy on September 23, 2007

Much as we wish it was not the case, tragedy is a part of life. Recovery, too, is fundamental to our ability to move forward.

On April 20, 1999 two students entered Columbine High School in Littleton, CO, intent on killing fellow students before committing suicide. In their rampage they took the lives of twelve students and one teacher before taking their own lives. Soon after this tragedy the community came together to create a memorial to the victims with a goal of helping people and the community cope with this event and remember the lives lost. The memorial is derived from the content provided by the families of the victims and commemorates their lives. Funding has been an on-going problem for the construction of the memorial and in 2004 former President Bill Clinton signed on to support the project. Clinton helped raise over $300,000 for the $1.5 million memorial. The memorial is built in Clement Park, beneath Rebel Hill, just west of Columbine High School. It is an acre in size, containing a central area focusing on the victims of the tragedy and surrounded by a presentation from the community. The construction of the memorial took place in 2006 and 2007 and it was dedicated on September 21, 2007. The memorial is now under the care of the Foothills Park and Recreation District.

The core of the Columbine Memorial.
(taken by Max on September 23, 2007)
Quotes from the community reflect people's feelings.
(taken by Max on September 23, 2007)
The Columbine Memorial with Rebel Hill behind it. The foothills of the Rocky Mountains can be seen in the the background.
(taken by Max on September 23, 2007)
The Columbine Memorial as seen from Rebel Hill.
(taken by Max on September 23, 2007)
Columbine High School from Rebel Hill.
(taken by Max on September 23, 2007)

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