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Adventures in HeroScape
by Stormy on October 07, 2007

Imagine lands of fantasy colliding with the real world, heroes of time gone by teaming up with heroes of the future. HeroScape is a game that can bring all of this to life.

There are a lot of games out there. One that I really enjoyed recently was Hasbro's HeroScape. This game came out in 2004 and took the market by storm. Since then there's been a dozen expansion sets and since its release this game has done nothing other than pick up steam. The idea behind the game is an epic battle between armies of good and evil. Players draft their armies, form teams and battle one another. There are battle scenarios that come with the game and players are free to design scenarios of their own. The combat takes place on a player designed three dimensional terrain made up of tiles representing grass, rock, lava, water, ice, swamp, etc. The scenarios can easily become very complicated, pitting diverse armies against one another, using an assortment of terrains and obstacles and forcing the players to develop the best strategy of their life in order to win the game. A simple game can last an hour. A huge setup can last a full day. Today's game was the latter. We started early and played late and everyone had a blast!

Some pretty elaborate terrains can be set up to play the game.
(taken by Max on October 07, 2007)
At the start of the battle two opposing armies set out to challenge one another.
(taken by Max on October 07, 2007)
The castle's defenders prepare for a siege.
(taken by Max on October 07, 2007)

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