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PumpkinFest 2007
by Stormy on October 13, 2007

An annual tradition in Aurora, PumpkinFest is a cornucopia of events and activities guaranteed to satisfy from the youngest to the oldest!

A visit to Aurora's annual PumpkinFest will give you an opportunity to visit Aurora's historic DeLaney Farm, one of the oldest working farms in Colorado, situated on 130 acres of open space land in the center of the city. DeLaney Farm is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the host park for the event. A visitor here can explore the way people lived a century ago, interact with farm animals, learn how to make candles and scarecrows, visit with naturalists and historians, take a hay ride, sample food from restaurants all over Aurora, bank, shop, learn to carve a pumpkin, listen to live rock bands, experience scary stories, explore a hay maze, participate in a sack hop, try out an obstacle course, experiment with face painting, Halloween decorations and much more. But the central focus of the event is a dozen teams competing in the annual Jack-o-Launch, a competition where human powered apparatus fling squash hundreds of feet. Every year thousands of people come to Aurora's Jack-o-Launch to witness cannons and catapults compete for distance and accuracy. Teams present skits and make three attempts to get best distance in their class and produce the highest accuracy as pumpkins are launched across a field. This year distances reached up to 1,300 feet with error margins as low as 1%. This event is a favorite with Aurora residents and competitors come from all over Colorado to show their ingenuity when to comes to pumpkin using siege engines. This day long event is a city favorite and is highly recommended.

The DeLaney Farm lies in the Tollgate Creek Valley, just east of Aurora's municipal center.
(taken by Max on October 13, 2007)
Pepsi was a major sponsor for the event. Stormy was torn between which truck he should sit on.
(taken by Max on October 13, 2007)
An ambulance was on standby in the event of a stray pumpkin!
(taken by Max on October 13, 2007)
Stormy waited for the Great Pumpkin, but he never arrived.
(taken by Max on October 13, 2007)
Behind Stormy are the 2007 Jack-o-Launch entrants, including cannons, catapults, trebuchets and even one water-propelled pumpkin rocket, a brand new category this year!
(taken by Max on October 13, 2007)
Targets were set up around the 1,000 foot line. Can you spot the marmot in the roughage?
(taken by Max on October 13, 2007)
A KCNC News cameraman films as a pumpkin (dark spot in middle of the picture) is fired from a cannon.
(taken by Max on October 13, 2007)
Sage wizards from everywhere advise Aurora residents to re-elect Brad Pierce to city council. Stormy has met Mr. Pierce and is ready to cast his ballot now. Vote for!
(taken by Max on October 13, 2007)

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