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On the Trail of the Ponies
by Stormy on November 03, 2007

Autograph sessions are a great way for artists and fans to meet.

Today artists Andersen Kee and Ross Lampshire attended a signing in Broomfield, CO. Both are artists of the Trail of Painted Ponies. Andersen Kee is the artist who painted The Magician. Ross Lampshire designed Dream Warriors. I could not help but take time out from my busy schedule to attend the signing and get the ponies in my own collection autographed.

Ross Lampshire and Dream Warriors.
(taken by Max on November 03, 2007)
Andersen Kee and The Magician.
(taken by Max on November 03, 2007)
The life-sized pony, The Magician, by Andersen Kee.
(taken by Max on November 03, 2007)

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