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On the Trail of the Ponies 2
by Stormy on November 17, 2007

Painted Ponies have become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. Meeting the artists who design the ponies is always a treat.

A wonderful opportunity presented itself today for me to meet two more artists of the Trail of Painted Ponies series. Appearing in Lone Tree, CO were Lynn Bean and Maria Ryan, both long time contributors to the series. Lynn Bean is the creator of Copper Enchantment, Fetish Pony and Gingerbread Pony. Maria Ryan painted Boot Camp Pony, Native Jewel Pony, Penguin Express and Poinsettia Pony. Both women were wonderful to meet and chat with and their autographs are a welcome addition to my collection!

Andersen Kee's The Magician was a part of the display at this signing.
(taken by Max on November 17, 2007)
Lynn Bean, surrounded by samples of her work, signs her ponies.
(taken by Max on November 17, 2007)
Maria Ryan applies her autograph. Behind her are one of a kind painted ponies designed by her.
(taken by Max on November 17, 2007)

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