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Spring 2008 Rampart Range Poker Run
by Stormy on June 08, 2008

Is there anything more exciting than a motorcycle and a dirt road?

Twice a year Colorado dirt bikers descend on the Rampart Range west of Castle Rock to ride for charity. In exchange for their support, the participants get lunch and a day’s worth of some of the most exciting terrain imaginable. Dirt biking is really like no other sport. The bikes are specialized for the terrain, the riders wear body armor and the roads twist and turn and go up and down. There’s really no extreme sport quite like this. The riders complete a riding circuit. As they come to each station, they get a card stamped. At the end of the day they draw playing cards based on the stamps they have received, representing the stops they have made. They are allowed to keep five cards from those that they drew and their goal is to make the best poker hand they can with their collection. The winning hand gets a prize. A novel idea and very popular on the Rampart Range. The event is hosted by the Rampart Range Motorcycle Committee, focusing both on fun and conservation, and on hand are Douglas County Search and Rescue, ARES District 24, paramedics and a slew of other support personnel. Every year someone manages to break a bone or their motorcycle.

Riders are tagged at each checkpoint.
(taken by Max on June 08, 2008)
Many stop and take a break.
(taken by Max on June 08, 2008)
Radio communications is very important out in the wilderness.
(taken by Max on June 08, 2008)

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