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A Return to Fulford, part 1
by Stormy on June 20, 2008

When the tradition is good, there's no reason to break it, right?

They say that insanity is doing the same thing again and again while expecting a different result. I guess tradition is doing the same thing again and again with no expectation of the result changing. Hey, I'm a marmot! My expectations change as meal time approaches. Once again I was given an opportunity to return to Fulford Cave for a weekend of fun and exploration. Summer started on June 20 and it was also the start of my weekend adventure. There's really nothing like a lazy marmot on a warm summer day. The expedition included seventeen people (ranging from brainy scientists down to their kids), two dogs and one marmot. It was just the right pace of things for this marmot. We arrived at our campsite Friday afternoon and set up. People were arriving most of the day, late into the evening. A warm campfire greeted the arrivals into the night.

The road to Fulford.
(taken by Max on June 20, 2008)
It was a beautiful summer day.
(taken by Max on June 20, 2008)
“Home” at last! The tent will be right here.
(taken by Max on June 20, 2008)
The warmth of the campfire.
(taken by Max on June 20, 2008)

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