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The Spirit of Adventure
by Spirit on June 20, 2008

An adventure is trying something you've never done before. Are you ready for an adventure?

Hi! I'm Spirit Marmot. I joined on June 20. I am a yellow-bellied marmot from the Rocky Mountains. I met up with traveling marmots when they came to Rocky Mountain National Park for a visit. We chatted for a while. I learned that these marmots love to travel around and welcomed new companions. After talking about some of the different adventures they had been on and the fact that I would not be the only marmot, I was really interested in checking this out for my self. They invited me to come with them and I took them up on their offer, so I left my burrow mates at Beaver Meadows and joined my new friends. It took a long time to travel to my new living quarters. However, I now live with a human, two cats and two other marmots. Everyone made me feel welcome. I am really looking forward to my upcoming adventures and getting to meet the other marmots on staff.

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